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Incline Trainer vs. Treadmill – 3 Main Differences You Should Know

Trying to decide between an incline trainer or a treadmill? Wondering which is best for you? The incline trainer offers you several key benefits over a treadmill—the main one being that you see results much faster.
This article will give you 3 of the main differences that you should be aware of—so you can choose the best machine for you.

Incline Trainer vs. Treadmill – Design

The incline treadmill trainer is very similar in design to a treadmill—in fact, they are basically the same machine, except for one main difference.
The incline trainer gives you much higher inclines than treadmill. So, while a treadmill may give you up to 10 or even 15% incline, an incline machine can give you up to 40% incline!
Some trainers also include decline as well—although a few treadmills are also offering this option today as well.

The #1 Benefit of Very High Incline Training:

The main benefit of an incline machine trainer over a treadmill is that walking at high inclines incinerates calories.
In fact, according to NordicTrack, walking on an incline trainer can burn up to 5 times more calories than a treadmill.
So you can see why people love these machines—they lose weight VERY fast. It’s much easier to stick with an exercise program when you see results super-quick.

Benefit #2 Lower Impact

Another benefit is that walking on a trainer can give you a lower impact workout—so it’s easier on the knees, shins and back.
You’re not pounding down on the treadmill belt, which can really aggravate knee issues and shin splints, but stepping on a belt that rises to meet your feet.

Benefit #3 Improved for Running

Incline treadmill trainers used to be made with very short belts and less powerful motors (because they were only supposed to be used for walking).
However, the newer models today have actually beefed up their motors and lengthened their belts.
So, you can now run on them and they are hardier than they used to be. So, whether you’re walking or running you can do both on an incline trainer (just as you would a treadmill).Check this website for more info

Are there any downsides to an incline trainer?

Incline TrainerWell, these machines do tend to run a bit higher in price than treadmills because of the extra construction required. They start around $1500 (whereas a decent treadmill will start around $1000).
However, most of them are also better constructed (stronger motors, longer belts, better cushioning) than the average $1000 treadmill.

So, that’s really the only downside.

One last tip—if you decide that an incline trainer is right for you, make sure you’re getting the latest models (2014 and up). Older models may have shorter belts and weaker motors—so you won’t be getting the most for your money.

The newer models also come with a lot of the latest treadmill technology like web browsers, decline, and celebrity trainer workouts. Check more here!